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Administers programs designed to provide services and activities that will have a measurable impact on causes of poverty in the community. Funding is provided by federal funds passed through the Louisiana Department of Labor.

PUBLIC NOTICE: CSBG State Plan Review and Public Hearing

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                                     BOARD MEMBER NEEDED


LaSalle Community Action Association, Incorporated, is seeking a community-minded individual to serve on the LaSalle CAA Board of Directors as a representative of the LOW-INCOME INDIVIDUALS & FAMILIES from Grant Parish.

Criteria for selection are as follows:

  1. Each representative shall reside within the parish to be served (Grant Parish).

  2. Any of the following selection procedures may be utilized, alone or in combination:

  1. Nominations and elections, either within neighborhoods or within the community.

  2. Selection at a meeting or conference to which low-income neighborhood residents are invited; or

  3. Selection of representatives to a community-wide board by members of the neighborhood or sub-area boards who are themselves selected by neighborhood or area residents; or

  4. Selection on a small area basis (such as city block) of representatives who in turn select members for community-wide boards; or

  5. Selection of representatives by existing organizations whose membership is predominately composed of needy children, individuals, and families.

Minutes detailing the outcome of the election/selection must be submitted.

NOTE:  Although we are living during technologically advanced times and there are many options for virtual meetings; however, it is of the utmost importance that nominees understand that this board conducts in-person meetings unless otherwise mandated.


If you are interested, please contact Dorothy C. Oliver at the Administrative Office, 202 Sicily Street, Harrisonburg, LA 71340, or at (318)389-4810 for further information and instructions.  This individual will be presented and seated, pending full Board approval, at the next board meeting to be held on Thursday, October 26, 2023, at 5:30 pm in

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